African Tour Day 13

The 13th is unlucky in the fact that we are setting off for home today. The hotel has arranged a civilised time of 8.30 for cases to be put outside our room and after breakfast we leave for the airport at 11:00. I can think of worse places to sit and wait for a coach. […]

African Tour Day 12

We were serenaded to sleep last night by the frogs singing before all to soon the 6:30 alarm called. Maybe we wish we had not taken advantage of the unlimited wine on last night’s train adventure, but neither of us would admit it. This morning, a walking tour of Victoria Falls is planned for us. […]

African Tour Day 11

Sods law, we awoke at 06:30 with nothing booked to do until this afternoon. We have a view of the river from our bedroom and slept well with no clatter of wheels on tracks. Breakfast is taken on a cool veranda with a nice view and light breeze. After breakfast, we take a walk along […]

African Tour Day 10

There was a lot of crashing and banging in the night, and it sometimes felt like we were on a rollacoaster. The cocktails did help us get back to sleep, though. This morning, we awoke to the alarm because we are disembarking and need to pack. I opened the window shutters, and we appeared to […]

African Tour Day 9

We are woken up at 06:30 by the persistent blowing of the trains horn. It could be for animals on the line or just wanting to make sure no one is late for breakfast. After breakfast, we explore the other end of the train and find two other lounges, one for smoking cigars, thats a […]

African Tour Day 8

We had a reasonable nights sleep occasionally awoken by the clatter and crash of the stopping and starting of the train. We watched as we passed over the Limpopo River, which is the South African border with Zimbabwe. We wandered down to breakfast, which again was excellent. While we were eating, the train stopped in […]

African Tour Day 7

We didn’t have quite such an early start this morning, and so breakfast was a leisurely affair. Our luggage was collected at 07:00 and loaded onto the coach for a transfer from the hotel to the Rovos rail station, unfortunately, after two hours drive to Johannesburg they found they had taken us to the wrong […]

African Tour Day 6

It is the final early morning wake-up for the game drive, but only seven of us made it today. The others don’t know what they are going to miss, but they will when we get back. This morning, we see a crocodile, baboons, cheaters, elephants, giraffes, warthogs, a leopard, various Antilopes, wilder beasts, zebras, Hippo,  […]

African Tour Day 5

The 4:30 alarm call arrived all too soon, and then we’re ready for the penultimate of our 5:30 am game drives. There is a beautiful sun rise with two hot air balloons floating along the valley in the distance, but the game must have been having a lie in because we saw nothing new, and […]

African Tour Day 4

04:30 alarm call, 5am coffee, by 5:30 we are off on the game drive with our guide Peter. According to my personal guide, she confidently tells us we saw 10 species, which was quickly updated to 12 as she was reminded of others, and then she went quiet. We had coffee with Amarula in it […]

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